Participant Spotlight: Fall Program Assessments

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This Fall, our chapter had a record number of participants enrolled in Core Golf & Life Skills Programs with a total of 348 young people across 8 locations.  At the end of each season, participants at the PLAYer, Advanced PLAYer, Par, Teen, Birdie, and Eagle levels have the option to take an assessment to see if they are ready to certify to the next progressive program level.  These assessments are completed separately from Core classes and include written golf & life skill tests as well as playing, putting, chipping, and full swing component.  Most important is the coaches’ observation of participants’ understanding of the life skills learned at that level.  At the PLAYer level, coaches are looking to see that participants are respectful of their playing partners and honest in their scoring, while at the Par level, demonstrating the 4Rs (replay, relax, ready, redo) after each shot shows coaches that participants understood what they were taught in class.

Over the last month, 89 participants attempted assessments across 5 eligible programming levels.  On average, it takes participants 3-5 full 8-week seasons at a given level to successfully certify to the next one.  We are very proud to share that 49 participants have successfully completed each program component for their current level and will be starting 2019 in a new class!

PLAYer to Advanced PLAYer certified:
Emma B, Noah B, Sheppard B, Charlie C, Clayton C, John Robert D, Hunter E, Layne F, Ruby G, Samuel G, Burns H, Aiden K, Andrew K, Gray L, Emily M, Sophia M, Trig N, Cooper P, Thomas R, Ray S, Andrew T, Asa W, and Kyle W

Advanced PLAYer to Par certified:

Bailey B, Claire B, Lincoln B, McCrae B, Tripp B, Robert C, Samantha C, Tobias C, Charlie D, Mason J, Aidyn M, Andrew M, Madison M, Gavin P, Jackson S, Lindsey S, Sam S, Inman W, and Olivia W

Par/Teen to Birdie certified:

Luke B, Carson D, Ichiwa D, Dalton E, Jacob M, Cade S, and Mark S

Congratulations to all of our Fall Core Golf & Life Skills participants on a fantastic season!  If you would like to read more about The First Tee’s progressive levels, please click here or more about the assessment process, please click here.

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