What to know about registering with The First Tee:

  • Registration is now open for Virtual Session 1 (June) of summer programs.  Click here to register now through June 7th.
    • TARGET, PLAYer/Teen, and Advanced PLAYer levels: Weekly videos (June 8, 15, 22, 29) emailed from Coach Meghan with activities and Core Value lessons (full opportunity to participate whether or not participants have their own golf clubs)Par and Birdie levels: Weekly videos (June 8, 15, 22, 29) emailed from Coach Wayne with activities and Life Skills lessons directly from their Yardage Books (helpful ways to improve skills, even if participants don’t have golf course access)

      Eagle level: Weekly zoom classes (June 10, 17, 24, August 1 at 3:30pm) with Coach Bucky to discuss Eagle goals, life skills, and ways to work on their golf games

  • The next program update will be made in our July e-newsletter.  (Click the link below to join the distribution list.)
  • If you experience any issues with registration, click here to email Program Director, Meghan Taylor.
  • Please click here to join our e-newsletter distribution list to stay up to date on all future events.
  • Click here to view our Daily Dashboard for any potential class cancellations.
  • Salesforce Registration trouble-shooting:
    • All passwords must contain: at least 8 characters including 1 capital letter, 1 number, and 1 special symbol (such as $%#*&*)
    • Registration will work best on a computer (preferably Chrome browser) but is also mobile-friendly
    • Please note that there is now a 48-hour maximum cart hold.  That means if you place a class in your cart but do not pay within 48 hours, that registration will be removed from your cart and offered back out to the general public.
  • **We ask that all families at the TARGET, PLAYer, and Teen levels only register for one class per child this spring – thank you!**  If an Advanced PLAYer, Par, Birdie, or Eagle level participant would like to register for more than one class per season, he/she may do so but only at different locations.  We hope this will promote participants learning from coaches with different styles and teaching practices.
  • To learn about each of the progressive levels, please click here. 

PROGRAM COST: The cost for a new participant is $80 for the 8-week program, which includes a $30 New Participant Fee and $50 Registration Fee.  New participants must register online for both the New Participant Fee AND a class to be eligible for the spring season.  If a new participant is on a wait list, you DO NOT need to pay the First Time Participant Fee to hold your wait list spot.  If a space opens up, you will be contacted to pay both the registration and First Time fees.  Returning participants are $50 per season.  We also offer need-based scholarships. Please click here to learn more about the financial aid we offer to families.  If your family’s plans change and you need to cancel your registration, refunds may be issued by contacting Program Director, Meghan Taylor up to one week before your child’s class begins.

RETURNING PARTICIPANTS: If you are a returning family from 2017 or earlier, you already have a Salesforce account.  If you do not know your password, please reset your password using the “Forgot Password?” link by clicking here.  Please do not create a duplicate account.  If you have a question regarding what level your child is in, please email Program Director, Meghan Taylor.  Please remember that your child stays at the level where he/she last participated until successfully passing the assessment.  Assessments take place at the completion of each season.  The next round of assessments will take place following the spring season (May).  To read more about assessments and the certification process, please click here.

NEW PARTICIPANTS: New families, please create an account (parent as account holder and child as participant – click here to begin this process, but please note that you will not be able to register for any classes until February 3rd).  Sign up for a class based on your child’s age as of the first day of seasonal programming (click here to learn about The First Tee’s progressive levels):
– 5 & 6 years old – TARGET (only held at Patriots Point, Pine Forest, and Wrenwoods – open oFnly to families with base access);
– 7-12 years old – PLAYer (held at all 8 locations);
– 13-18 years old – TEEN (only held at Patriots Point and Wescott).
In addition to your selected spring class, new families must also register for the first “class” option “First Time First Tee Participant” to add the additional fee to their registration.  However, if you are on a wait list, you do not need to pay this fee to hold your spot.  Should a space open up, you will be contacted to pay both the registration and First Time fees.

WAIT LISTS: If a class is full, you will be given the option through the online registration system to add your child to a wait list for no charge.  You may add your child to as many wait lists for a given season as you would like.  If a space opens up in a class your child is wait listed for, you will receive an automated email and have 48 hours to complete payment to secure your child’s spot in the class.  If a wait list spot is not paid for in 48 hours, your child will automatically be moved to the bottom of the wait list, and the next family will be notified.  If you are a new participant, you do not need to pay the First Time Participant Fee to hold your spot on the wait list.  This can be paid if a spot opens up in your selected class.

RAIN DATE: There will only be one planned rain date scheduled into each class for 8-week classes.  If needed, this rain date will occur at the same scheduled class time during the week directly following the eighth scheduled week.  We ask families to check our website an hour and a half prior to the start of each class to see whether or not that day’s class will be held.  Please click here to access the Daily Dashboard.

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